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4cedi Loan : Get an instant loan without collateral.

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4cedi Instant loan services :

4cedi offers a minimum loan amount of Gh¢100 and a maximum amount of Gh¢10,000 to customers who are in need.


4cedi Loan Repayment period /Time:

Any lender who has borrowered money from 4cedi has the period of 100 days lowest and 365 days highest to repay the loan.

The Interest Rate Of 4cedi Loans :


A customer who has taking a loan with 4cedi has an Annual Percentage Rate of 10% to 29% to add to the original money borrowed within the repayment time.


Loan Amount: GHS1000 ~ GHS10000
Loan Term: 100 days to 365 days
Loan interest: from 10% to 29% per annum.
Service charge: 0%.

Example of 4cedi Loan :

If you apply for a loan of GHS20,00, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 20%.
So the daily interest rate=20%/365=0.055%, the interest for 150 days =2000×20%/365×150=164, the totally repayment=2000+164= 2164

How To Apply For 4cedi Loans In Ghana?

The following are the easiest step by step ways to get or apply for a loan.

  1. Download 4cedi mobile loan app to your device through the Google Store
  2. Register for an account with your personal information
  3. Make sure your personal information used for borrowing is complete and accurate.
  4. Submit the loan application and wait for the result of the review
  5. Once the loan application is approved, the loan will be paid directly into your account

Who Is Eligible To Take 4cedi Loan?

  • You can apply for 4cedi loan when you are a citizen of Ghana
  • You should fall within the ages 22 years to 55 years to qualify for a loan.

 How To Contact 4cedi Loan?

When a problem pops up or a suggestion during the process of applying for a loan, you can reach 4cedi on the following platforms.

Contact them on this phone number 0599606630
Email 4cedi on [email protected] or the address to locate them  is  15 Ring Rd Link, Accra,GHANA

Their operating hours starts from 9:00am to6:00pm.

Wrap Up

4Cedi is an instant loan app, you can get a loan without collateral if you need it. So never walk in town with empty pocket because being a Ghanaian and falling between the ages 22 to 55 years grand the opportunity to fill your pocket with any desirable amount of money from 4cedi.

Never hesitate to take a loan because it is a smart way to start a business and make money to better yourself.

Thank you!!!

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