A human rights activist has discloses the only solution to stop men from going for side chics’ .

Human Rights activist, Kola Edokpayi has suggested the only solution to stop men from going for side chics is polygamy.

According to Edokpayi, the belief that a man must be with one woman all his life is the reason why cheating and the phenomenon of side chics are rife in our modern setup.

Kola said instead of people fighting for homosexuality and lesbianism to be legalized, that energy should be channeled to promote polygamy

He wrote;

Polygamy is the only way out of this kind of emotional madness. 

They are against polygamy while they legalized homosexualism and lesbianism.   

We say yes to polygamy and no to side chickism.

With polygamy, you can eat the food without fear.

See his post on Facebook below;

What do you think?

Written by Dannorsimon

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