Any woman who will cheat on her husband does not fear God_ Nigerian man.

A young man has taken to Facebook to say a God fearing woman would never cheat on her partner as a retaliation for her partner’s infidelity. 

Identified as Ifeoma Johnny, the Nigerian man said that men are polygamous in nature hence why they are expected to cheat, however, a woman who has the fear of God would never do so no matter what.

Johnny made the highly controversial comment while reacting to a thread raised by another Facebook user who sought to find out if a cheating woman deserves a second chance.

He said; ”A God fearing woman will not cheat no matter what, we all know men are polygamous in nature! If you are a real child of God, you will not cheat and that’s the gospel truth! I come in peace! Please watch and pray the kingdom of God is at hand.”

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