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Best Mobile Loan apps in Kenya: Get online instant loan of Ksh 150,000 with the top loan apps in Kenya.

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There are times in life you will need to get some cash to solve unexpected expenses or situations you find yourself in .


When such situations pops up, going to the banks to get a loan may be time wasting because of the paperwork involve and other documentation process which delays.

But Now the easiest way  to get an instant loan is by applying for a loan with a mobile loan app. It’s very easy, fast, time and energy saving, no guarantor, no paperwork and collateral free .

Today’s article is talking about the best Mobile Loan apps in Kenya that will help you get an instant loan. The following are the top loan apps :

Best Mobile Loan Apps In Kenya To Get Instant Personal Loan with.

  1. Tala Loan app
  2. Branch Loan app
  3. Zenka Loan app
  4. Mshwari Loan app
  5. Stawika Loan app
  6. KCB Mpesa Loan app
  7. Utunzi Loan app

Tala Loan App:

Tala loans

Tala is one of the top mobile loan app in Kenya that gives instant loan to poor peoples.

This is one of the best guide application to receive Tala loan instantly into your m-pesa account.

Tala loan services:

The loan amount a customer or borrower can get ranges from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 30,000.

Tala Loan Interest Rate:

The maximum annual fee rate (APR) start from109.50% to 219.00%
Daily Interest rate: 0.3% to 0.6%

Late payment interest: 8% of outstanding amount due plus 20% excise tax on that 8%

Tala Loan Tenure or Repayment Period:

A borrower has 61 to 364 days to Repay loan.

How To Apply For Tala Loan?

The following are the step by step to get loan with Tala loan app.

  1. Install the app on your smartphone from Google play store
  2. Choose a preffered language
  3. Create an account with your personal details or sign in if you already have an account.
  4. Click on loan and follow the instructions on your screen to apply for a loan.

Tala Loan Eligibility Requirements or loan qualifications.

The following criterias permit you to qualify for Tala loan:

  • You should be 18 years and above
  • You should have a Kenyan ID
  • You should also have a registered Mpesa number , which is 6months active.

Branch Loan App:

Branch loan app gives an instant loan amount ranging from Ksh 250 to Ksh 100, 000.

Branch Loan Interest rate:

The annual percentage rate (APR) of Branch Loan starts from 17% to 35%

Branch loan Tenure

A borrower have to pay back a loan within a Repayment Period of 4 to 52 weeks.


All payments that involves Branch should be made through the playbill number 998608.

Who is Eligible for Branch Loan?

You are qualify for Branch Loan when you meet the following requirements

  • You should be at least18 years of age
  • Have a registered Mpesa number
  • Good credit score
  • Own a Facebook account
  • Have Kenyan ID


How To Apply For Branch Loan?

  1. Install Branch Loan app from Google play store to your Android phone and sign up for account
  2. Go to or click on the “Loan option”
  3. Enter your personal details and Mpesa number
  4. Choose a loan and tap on Apply.

Zenka Loan App.

Zenka offers a loan amount of Ksh 500  up to Ksh 30, 000.

Zenka attracts an interest rate of 707 to 224.80% (APR).

A borrower has 61 days to Repay For a loan which can done in installments.

Zenka Loan Eligibility Requirements

Zenka Loan Eligibility Requirements include

  • Kenyan ID
  • A registered and valid Mpesa and safaricom line active for at least 6 months.

How To Apply For Zenka Loan!

  1. Download the app from Google play store
  2. Sign up for an account with your Name and phone number
  3. The acceptance of terms and conditions is the next thing to do.
  4. Login into the app and quickly access the loan.
  5. You now enter the loan amount to borrow with your repayment period
  6. Finally, click on Get Loan and wait for confirmation message.


Mshwari Loan App:

You can borrow between Ksh 100 to Ksh 50, 000 with this mobile loan app which has a one time low interest rate of 7.5%

Repayment has to be made in 1 month.

Remember, late repayment attracts a penalty of 7.5 % in the extension of another 30 days.

How To Apply or Get Mshwari Loan?

✓ Login to Mpesa and opt for a loan and savings

✓ then choose Mshwari and go to loan

✓ Click on Request loan and choose the amount you want to borrow.

✓ Enter your M-pesa pin and wait for confirmation and click on OKAY.


Stawika Loan App

Loan Amount:  Stawika offers an instant loan amount of Ksh.200 up to Ksh. 30,000.

Loan Interest rate: A maximum interest rate of 15%  is added to a loan during repayment.

Loan Tenure: A customer is required to repay for a loan within 1 month.

Refusal to pay within the given Period or time will be charge of 10% for another month extension.

Stawika loan Requirements:

* An applicant should be at least18 years

* A borrower should have a registered Mpesa number

* Good credit rating.

How To Apply For Stawika Loan?

  1. Download Stawika loan app from Google play store
  2. Create an account and follow the steps on your screen.
  3. Wait for stawika Loan to show and click on apply.

KCB Mpesa Loan App.

This is a loan app for safaricom customers in Kenya . In terms of interest rate of a loan, it is the cheapest. This app is in partnership with Kenya commercial Banks and safaricom.

Loan Amount: The loan amount they offer starts from Ksh 1,000 which is supposed to repay back within 30 days.

KCB Mpesa Loan charges interest rate of 8.64% for its loan.

KCB Mpesa Loan Eligibility Requirements.

√ Applicant or borrower should have good credit rating.

√ An applicant or borrower should have Kenya National IDs.

√ Also , you should be a registered Mpesa customer.

How To Apply or Get KCB Mpesa Loan?

The following are the simple steps to follow to get or apply for KCB Mpesa Loan:

  • On Mpesa menu, select Loans and savings.
  • Go to Mpesa and select loan
  • Then click on Request loan.
  • Choose the loan amount you want to borrow and enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Click on submit and wait for confirmation message.

Utunzi Loan App:

This is one the best Mobile Loan app in Kenya that gives instant money ( loan) to people who need emergency fun for extra expenses.

               Utunzi Loan Terms

Loan Amount: This app allows borrowers to borrow an amount of money between Ksh 500 to Ksh 500,000 and up to one million when you need the money for business.

Loan Tenure: 

If you take a loan from Utunzi or with the loan app, you are required to repay your in 21 days as minimum and up to 91 days maximum.

Moreover, you have 36 months to pay back a loan depending on the amount you borrowed.

Utunzi loan interest rate:

Their loans attract a service fee of 12 percent and an APR of 12 percent but you must pay Ksh 400 account management fee annually.

How To Apply For Utunzi loan?

Install the Utunzi loan app from Google play store with your smartphone.

Create an account with your personal information

Click on “Apply For  a Lion” on the mobile app.

Type in the amount you want borrow

Then the next thing on the screen questionnaire to answer.

Add your ID and referres

Submit and wait for approval.


Never walk in town with empty pockets while you are eligible to get any desirable loan amount . Just take your smartphone , download one of these mobile loan apps and get a loan with it.

Thank you!!!






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