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Boseapa Loan: Get an instant loan without collateral in Ghana

Boseapa Instant Loan App: How to apply for their loan, interest rates and loan terms.

How to apply Boseapa loan

If you choose a 12-month 100,000 loan principal, we
will show the details below:

If you borrow GHS60,000, Daily interest rate: 0.057% with a 6-month loan.

The interest and total amount calculation:

Loan principal amount: GHS60,000
Total interest=60,000*0.057%*180=6,156.00

Service fee=Loan principal×Fees rate=(60,000×0)=0.00

Monthly repayment =(loan principal+ total interest)/(loan days/30)=(60,000+6,156.00)/(180/30)=11,026

Total repayment amount=loan principal+ total interest+ service fee=60,000+6,156.00+0.00=66,156.00.

What Is Boseapa Loan?

Boseapa is a mobile loan app by Nectar Mobile Lending Limited which was launched on 8th July 2022 to aid Ghanaians get easy access to loans in this difficult time.

With Boseapa app, eligible applicants gets an instant loan in Ghana with collateral. It’s very simple and straightforwarded.

Boseapa Loan Interest Rate

Daily interest rate: 0.057%
Service fee:No
Origination Fee: No
Transaction Fee: No
Rollover Charge: No

Boseapa have a maximum annual interest rate APR: 20.80%.


Who is Eligible For Boseapa Loan?

To be eligible for Boseapa’s Loan, you must meet the following criteria or requirements.

  1. You must be a Ghana Citizen.
  2. You must be between the ages of 20-55 years old.
  3. You must have a monthly income.

That is that, if you have these, then you can enjoy Boseapa’s insant Loan

Why is Boseapa Loan a better option?

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about lots of mobile loan apps in Ghana, So you’d be wondering why Boseapa should be your partner.

Well, below are the reasons why I think you should consider Boseapa Loan over all other options.

Only 3 steps (8-10 minutes) to Your loan:

  • You must first register an account in the Boseapa app.
  • Get Instant Approval right away.
  • Money will be disburse to your account, instantly

How to apply for Boseapa instant loan with this app?

In three simple steps, you can get an instant loan amount of GHS6,5000 up to GHS 700,000 and pay back in 91 to 365 days.

Here’s how to apply :

– Download the Boseapa loan app from Google play store or (You can click on this link to download)

  • Create your account to check eligibilty for the loan application.
  • Fill the basic details in the loan application.
  • Provide your Bank account details for loan disbursal upon approval.
  • Get money directly in your provided Bank account


Contact Boseapa Loan Support

Boseapa customer Service Email: [email protected]
Boseapa customer Service Hotline: +233 500582505.

Where is Boseapa Loan Located?

Boseapa Loan is located at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Tamale, Ghana

Boseapa Loan Working hours:

Boseapa Loan works Monday to Friday: from 9:00am to 6:30pm.
Saturday – Sunday: From 10:00am to 6:00pm.


App specs

  • License


  • Version


  • Latest update

    May 24, 2023

  • Platform


  • OS

    Android 7.0

    • Available languages

      • English
      • Chinese
      • German
      • Russian
      • Korean
      • Portuguese
      • Hindi
      • Norwegian
      • Finnish
      • French
      • Swedish
      • Chinese
      • Greek
      • Italian
      • Spanish
      • Czech
      • Arabic
      • Japanese
      • Polish
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • Turkish
    • Downloads


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    • Developer

    • Download Options

      APK, Google Play

    • Filename





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