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Cash Now Loan: Get instant online loan in UAE.

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Cash Now Loan : How To Apply And Get A Loan With Cash Now Loan App In UAE

 Loan Description:

Cash Now is a financial institution in UAE that enables qualified people to borrow an amount of money up to AED 1,500 online through their mobile app with your mobile app.

Reasons Why You should Cash Now 

🎇 All kinds of UAE banks are in support so, it makes cash – out very easy.

🎇 Cash Now Loan is flexible to everyone because, regardless of your nationality, you can apply for a loan.

🎇 There is an easy application forms where you can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere no geographical restrictions. Just download the app with your smartphone and with your Emerates ID, you will get a loan.

🎆 Cash Now offers affordable online loans to cater for its customers in different countries.


How to apply for cash now loan.

Based on your credit record you have with cash now or the product you select, the minimum loan amount you will get is AED 500 and the maximum amount you can get is AED 10,000.


After taking a loan, the number of days you have been assigned to repay your loan starts from 91 days as minimum to 180 days maximum.


From the 91 days to 180 days including renewal of loan term,the interest rate is 25% per year and a 5% processing fee will be deducted from net proceed ( Fees and interest rates are detailed in CashNow application):

Loan Example:

If you borrow an amount of AED 3,000.00 with a limit of 180 days. Interest rate of 25% / year
• The monthly payment is: AED 562.50
• The amount of interest for the entire loan is: AED 375.00
• The processing fee charged is: AED 150.00
• The total payment is: AED 3,375.00
• EIR is: 18.4215%

The next thing to ask about is their Loan Eligibility criteria.

What is Cash Now Loan Eligibility or qualification criteria?

To be eligible for Cash Now Loans, the following are the loan requirements you should meet before you can apply for a loan.

  • An applicant should be at least 20  to 55year to be qualified for a loan.
  • You should also own a valid Emerates ID
  • UAE resident
  • 1 valid Emerates bank account

How Do I Apply For A Loan?

This has been the most frequent question many people are asking and the eligibility requirements to get a loan.

To apply for Cash Now loan online through the application is very easy and simple. What you should do is to

Download the Cash Now app and sign up for account with your information. 

Follow the prompt on your screen to get your loan. 

Cash Now Loan Contact info :

In cases of emergency, you can reach out to cash now through

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 0097150-9783342
Facebook: @CashNow

Address to locate them

2312, Addax Office Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


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