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CediMall: An Instant loan app to get loan amount up to Gh¢10,000 with no collateral.

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Are you in need of money to pay rent or settle some bills? Or an emergency arose and you are kind of broke and in need of a loan.Do not panic, one of the best loan app in Ghana that you can get an instant loan with is what I’m discussing with you below.

Sometimes we find ourselves in unpleasant situations where we are in desperate need of funds. But the arrival of the next paycheck seems so far. This is why these best loan apps has to come  in and help in such periods.

Borrowing with a mobile loan app is very easy, convenient, secure and simple. It also saves time and energy when borrowing with any mobile loan app that you find.

Today’s discussion is going to base on a mobile loan app in Ghana called the CediMall where it people to get a loan up to Gh¢10,000 in times of need.

Let’s start with the eligibility of CediMall.

Who Qualifies For CediMall Loan?

This loan eligibility or qualification criteria is very simple for every loanee to be able borrow from CediMall. Below are the requirements

  • An applicant must be at least 21 years of age and the maximum age too should be 60 years. Above the age mentioned cannot apply.
  • A loanee should have source where he/she get income from every month.
  • An applicant should have a living place in Ghana where he can be find easily. (Ghana Resident).

How To Apply For CediMall Loan Using The Mobile App?

  1. Download it to your device through the Google Store
  2. Use your personal information to register
  3. Ensure that the personal information used for borrowing is complete and accurate
  4. Submit the loan application and wait for the result of the review
  5. Once the loan application is approved, the loan will be paid directly into your account.

CediMall Interest Rates And Fees.

The interest rate on CediMall personal instant loan start from 15% to 25% per annum. There is no charge on service.

Service fee is 0%.

Also, the repayment period of a loan is between 180 days to 12 months. Payments should be made early within the given period or it may be attract extra charges when you pay late.

The minimum and maximum loan amount CediMall offer for its consumers is ranging between Gh¢1000 to Gh¢10,000 and could be higher when you are trusted client. Meaning, you pay back loan on time.


How to apply for personal instant loan with CediMall loan app

Loan app interest rate (APR, min to max): 15% to 25% per annum
Loan Amount : GHC 1,000—GHC10,000
Duration: 180 days to 12 months
Service charge: 0%

Example of CediMall Loan:

# Credited to GHC 1000 at 15% APR (per annum) for 6 months

# Loan interest = GHC 1000 x 15 %/2=GHC 75

# The total loan to be repaid is GHC1075 (GHC 1000 + GHC 75)

# Monthly repayment GHC 179.17= GHC 1075/6

How To Contact CediMall For Help ?

CediMall is always happy to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please E-mail them at [email protected]

Their office working hours is from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
And they are located in Ghana at NO.53 Laty-Atomic Rd, Accra, Ghana.

The Best Places To Get Personal Loan.

If you are looking for a personal loan, the best places to obtain a loan is grouped into 3 and this includes

ou can get personal loans from three types of institutions:

* Online lenders. These are often technology-based non-bank companies that offer a small range of lending products, including personal loans. Online lenders typically offer low interest rates, loans that are available nationally and can provide funds within 24 to 48 hours.

* Banks. Many local and national banks offer personal loans in addition to other financial products, such as checking and savings accounts. If you have an existing relationship with a bank, you may want to consider opening your personal loan through that bank.

*credit unions. These are local to your community and tend to offer applications both online and in person. Credit unions require membership, so be sure to check if you’re eligible.

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