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Chastel loan : Get an instant loan of Gh¢2000 with this app while waiting for next pay.

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Consolidating debt is the number one reason why people take loans.

And some years back, when you heard of loans, all our focus is on the available banks in the country.

Because banks and maybe individuals were the only option to get loans from.

And to take a loan from the bank was and still is stressful and time-wasting. Because taking a loan from the bank involves a lot of paperwork, and at the same time, you will not get the loan on that very day.

So, when you’re strapped for cash and urgently needed money and the bank is the only option, you become frustrated because of how you will be delayed.

But now, there are numerous fintech platforms and mobile apps that you can borrow any amount of money with them in anytime without geographical restrictions.

Moreover, don’t forget about the interest rates on a loan when you borrow from the bank.

But for these Mobile loan apps, the interest rate on a loan is small and it does not waste time to borrow money with an app.

It is fast, easy, secure and convenient. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take with any Mobile loan app.

And in short, I will say stay connected to this site / and we going to feed you with all the information about the best Mobile loan apps. Click here to apply for an instant loan from Fido.

Today’s discussion will be on another mobile app that allows its customers to lend money with ease online called Chastel Loan.

What is a chastel loan?

Chastel loan

Chastel loans

Chastel is a license platform where its customers get an instant loan to sort themselves out of emergencies. You can be a member, and you can get any desired amount of money you want.

What is chastel loan features?

Chastel offers an instant loan amount of Gh¢80.00 to Gh¢ 2000.00.

For how long can you repay chastel loan?

The Loan tenure of chastel starts from 91days as minimum period and 121days as the maximum period.

What is the loan interest rate for chastel?

Chastel loan takes an interest rate of 6.91% up to 22.15% per year.

They also has a service rate fee range from 0% to 3%.

Example of a loan:

Approved quota:200 GHS
Approval period:91 Days
Approved interest:8%
Approved service rate:3%
Repayment details:
Total repayment amount =
principal 200 + Interest 200*[91*(8%/365)] + service fee 200*3%=209.99 GHS.

Who qualifies for Chastel loan?.

Chastel loan customers should target the following

1. You must be a legal citizen of Ghana

2. An applicant should also have a stable monthly source of income.

3. An applicant should fall between the age of 18 to 65 years.

How to apply for instant Chastel loan in 3 easy steps.

1. Download the chastel loan app from the Google Apps store to your smartphone and register your exclusive account.

2. Open the app and fill out the application form with your basic information like [ name, date of birth, Email Address, phone etc].

3. After the audit is completed within 3 minutes, you can apply for funds to enter your lending account.

Note: If  an applicant / a customer paid back his / her loan on time, will get a higher amount next time when applying.

How to contact Chastel loan?

In case of any problem during the use of the app, you reach Chastel loan through the following ways

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233 0570000842


Get a loan and free yourself from emergency situations.

In case, you come across a problem or having a suggestion about this site during reading, kindly leave a comment behind to us to work on.

And sharing this post on your social media handles, can save a life . Thank You!!

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