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Equity Loans: Quickly get an instant loan amount of $5000 .Apply Now!!

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Equity is an online instant lender  that offers an amount of money to people who needs an emergency fun in a particular point of time.


No matter how serious your situation is, and the amount of money you may need, with Equity mobile loan app, you can borrow up to $5000 to solve the problems you find yourself in.


When we talk about transparency in their total repayment of a loan, they are reliable.

Applying for Equity loans is very easy and simple.

Easy Loans Credit App verifies your identity and assesses your credits by collecting your full legal name, national ID, mobile number (Submitted Information).

No loan can be disbursed if the data is missing. Note that they also take your privacy seriously. All your data is well encrypted and secured.

For Equity , they never share or sell your information with third parties without your permission.

Loan Example:

For a representative example : A loan of 50,000 with a repayment period of 90 days will have an interest of 2,500 (7.5% interest rate). The amount repayable will be 52,500.

You will not be charged an amount above the service fee, for the APR.
The processing fee is 0.
The monthly payment : 3 equal payments of 17,500 per month is required to clear the above amount

How to repay for Equity loans

Loan repayments are made via mobile and are applied instantly (you will receive repayment instructions after your loan is approved).

You may repay your Loan before the due date and in instalments of any amount.

You may request another loan immediately you settle the current one.

What isLoan Tenure and interest rate of Equity.

1. Loan repayment period of between 90 days and 365 days.
3. Interest rate of 2% to 15% & a maximum APR of 30%

No processing fee (0).

How to apply for Equity loan step by step?

1.Download and install the – Equity Loans Credit Loans on your smartphone
2.Launch the App and register by providing your personal details
3.View your loan limit and submit your loan request



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