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Go loan: How to get an instant loan amount of 1,000 to 20,000 PHP with this app

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It is an advantageous and a smart decision to take a loan

We sometimes need money urgently to solve  problems in our various homes, business places , for weddings etc but don’t know who to go to or the kind of bank to contact for money.

When it happens like that, the the only alternative way to look for is to borrow money with Fintech Mobile loan apps.


There’s no stress  or delay when you are borrowing with  these Fintech Mobile apps. Unlike how most of the banks will stress  and delay you and by the time you be giving the money , things has spoil.


Therefore, in this article we will introduce to you a mobile loan app which is fast, easy, secured, covenient with no paperwork that you can get loan with when you are in need.


             GO LOANS ( All you need to know).

Go loan is a platform that lend money to Philippines in times they are trapped financially.

It is secure and fast to get loan in just 7minute with the app.

                  Products features

Go loan offers an amount of 1000PHP minimum and 20, 000 PHP with 0% interest  rate for your first time of getting loan with them.

Loan term= you have 90 to 180 days to pay back your loan.

Interest rate: the maximum interest rate per year is 183%

Maximum APR is 183%.


Simulation: borrower applies for 10,000₱ peso loan for 90 days. He gets 10,000₱ and has to return 14,500₱ in 3 equal monthly installments with 4,833 PHP monthly payments (including interest fees). No other extra debt payments required.

Who is Eligible or qualify to get Go loan?.

You qualify to get a loan with Go loan when you are

1. Philippines citizen

2. 18 years and above

3. You should have  a stable monthly income source.

How to apply for loan.

To apply for loan with the app,  you just have to complete a simple application . Here’s  the step by step way to go

1. Firstly download the Go loan app from Google play store

2. Choose the best loan amount you want to borrow [remember, if it is your first loan, the interest rate is 0%]

3.. Loan amount up to 20.000 Peso
4. Apply for fast peso loan in 5 minutes
5. Your loan request will be reviewed and you will get money within 1 day.


Reasons why people like to borrow from Go loan .

• 0% interest rate for First Loan you get from us in free
• 24/7 online chat, email and phone customer support
• Fair loan conditions. We are fair and respect our customers
• High approval rate – 7/10 of loan applications are approved
• Online Peso loan up to 20000 Peso


Why Go loan online credit is reliable.

• No collateral and no paper work – get cash online within 1 day. No need to go to the office or branch
• Apply in just 5 minutes. Easy and fast
• Loan disbursal in 1 day. Need money today? Apply and get approved

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