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How to apply for an instant loan with FourCredy loan app ?.

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FourCredy loans: the earliest way get an instant loan with this app to land your business.

It’s safe and convenient!!!

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Taking a loan or a mortgage is something that many people are hesitant about.

Especially in a time where it feels like everything costs more and takes longer to save for.

However, taking out a loan or mortgage can be an extremely beneficial process for any individual.

The benefits of taking out a loan are numerous, as long as you’re willing to invest in your future by doing so.

Utilizing the equity from your home and taking out a loan can be one of the best ways to get ahead financially.

And in today’s article, I will introduce to you a mobile app called FourCredy that  help  individuals who need  money urgently to get  an instant loan easily without stressing out.

What is FourCredy?

FourCredy loan

FourCredy is an online credit loan software that helps Ghanaians with their loan needs with the highest level of protection for your information.

How to apply for FourCredy loan as a Ghanaian?

FourCredy has make things easier for its customers when they are borrowing with the app.

Here’s the steps to follow

  1. Firstly, download FourCredy app from Google play store and fill in your personal information like; Name, date of birth, a photo of  voters ID or Ghana card, account number etc.
  2. Decide your loan immediately ( choose your preferred amount of money you want to borrow).
  3. Youwill be notify with the money you requested for directly into your account.

Who qualify (Eligibility criteria) to borrow money from FourCredy loan?

The eligibility criteria for FourCredy loan is quite simple. You can borrow up to Ghs3000 when you are

  • 18years and above
  • Ghanaian or  residents of Ghana
  • You should be someone who received money as monthly payment.

Reasons why you should choose FourCredy loan rather than its competitors?

* There are  No hiden charges

* The only app you can borrow up to Ghs3000.

* It is customer who decides the period to repay a loan.

* They work 24 hours in a week.

The interest rate and fees of FourCredy loan.

The annual interest rate is 5% – 36%.
· Initiation fees range from GH₵ 1 – GH₵ 233 one-time fee
· Maximum Annual Rate (APR) including interest and handling charges is 365% Minimum Annual Rate (APR) including interest and handling charges is 5%

The suppose time to repay your loan.

A customer needs to repay a loan between 91 to 365 days.

FourCredy loan characteristics.

As a beginner, the amount of money you can borrow ranges from Ghs200 and get up to Ghs 3,000.

Example of FourCredy loan.

Aborrower taking out a loan of 1,000 GH₵ over a 180-day period will be charged an interest rate of 0.266% per day, thus GH₵297.79 over 180 days, and a processing fee of GH₵17, for a total of GH₵ 1,314.79 repayments.

• In total: GH₵1,000 (borrowed amount) + GH₵297.79 (interest) + GHS17 (handling fee) = GH₵1,314.79 (total payment)
• Borrowers have the flexibility to prepay at any time, which may reduce the above fees

How to get help when facing a problem.

Email: [email protected]
Address: Junction Arcade, Tema, Ghana

What do you think?

Written by Dannorsimon

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