I like competition so if a guy /man tells me he has a girlfriend, it makes me more interested in him.. [watch the video]

A popular Nigerian slay queen has announced that whenever a guy turns down her proposal on the basis that he has a girlfriend, that is mostly when she tends to fall more for him.

She explained that she so much loves competition that, she is ever ready to do what must be done to snatch the man from the lady he is dating at that point.

In her own words, she said:

or I have a bae is it supposed to make me run or what? My dear, its just drawing me nearer to you…you don’t know. I like competition you know, unless there is a ring on top of your head you are still single and you will mingle with me..”

This slay queen means business.

Watch the video below:

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Written by Dannorsimon

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