Kenyan comedian Terence Creatives has spoken about how he solved one of the most vital marital problems he was dealing with and why spouses need to inculcate the habit of honesty in their lives.

Terrence Creative was caught cheating with his wife Anitah Sonia, in a move that almost wrecked his marriage with Chebby.

Well, the comedian in a recent interview revealed that he had to come out clean to his wife and tell his wife the truth before matters escalated.

According to the comedian, he thought it wise to go back home to his wife and talk it out with her as he sought her forgiveness.

Terrence held that he believed his family, in this case, Chebby was the only person who would understand her because as a family, they have always fought together against the world.

”We love solving issues as a family because, at the end of the day, it is Us against the world. We are human beings and we are bound to err. The bottom line is to let your lover know about it before she gets it from other people. I told her to reduce the extent of shock. I went to her and confessed that indeed I had messed up.” Terrence said.

His sentiments were echoed by his wife Chebby who thanked him for being honest with her during that time.

”I knew about it way before it even hit the media. I really thank Terrence because he acted like how he should have acted. It was rough when I knew but thank God, Terrence told me the whole truth. His honesty really helped me recover from the pain. I stayed even when the world was pressuring me to ditch him. Look at us now, if I had gone, we would not be having a TV show as a couple.” Chebby narrated.

The couple’s revelation comes about a year after Sonia, the lady caught between the mess, claimed the comedian’s better half had been threatening her after the cheating scandal erupted. Anita sat down with Youtuber Edgar Obare to speak out on the affair she had with Terence and what transpired thereafter.

The young lady said her videos were posted on social media groups and she was exposed as a lady who was known to spike men’s drinks and sleep with them, something she denied.

The young lady said the comedian’s wife was determined to tarnish her name but never really considered what her husband Terrence had done. Anita, who is just a teenager, said she was in love with the family man and said he had also confessed his love for her.

Anita never wanted to involve Terence in the conversation but in a terse reply just hours after her interview, the comedian came out to call her a fraud and claimed she was the one threatening his wife in exchange for money favours.

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