Successful Nigerian Blogger and CEO of NaijaLoaded, Makinde Azeez, has stated that degrees obtained from school doesn’t make one rich. Because if it were so, the very people that issues these certificates would have been billionaires.

“If a degree could make you rich, those who gave you would have become billionaires”, he said.

He was however quick to add that despite this fact, education is not a scam as many say.

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His words are so true anyway. Some people have been brainwashed to believe that without degree or higher certificates, there’s no way they can make it in life.

School and higher certificates are a good thing, it broadens your mind, makes you a better person. However, making it seem like the ultimate isn’t okay.

There are a lot of graduates walking on our streets full of frustration because they can’t find jobs.

Let me be quick to chip this in, that the fact mentioned above also doesn’t mean school should be called a scam.
Until you lose something very important due to your illiteracy, that’s when you’ll come to understand how important ‘schooling’ is.

Furthermore, it has been pushed in to our minds that life is all about completing school, bagging the first classes and second classes, securing a job (especially jobs in the Government sector), take monthly salary, take loans and repay, retire and take your pension money then you can rest and await death.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s time we the youth thought about how we can create opportunities for ourselves in our various communities which can fetch as revenue instead of depending solely on the Government and these systems which don’t actually work.

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