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Loanpro: Quickly Get Your personal online instant loan in Ghana without collateral.

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           Loanpro App:

This is a reliable mobile loan app in Ghana you can borrow an instant loan amount up to ¢1,000 with it in this time of hardship.

It is easy to use, fast and convenient so never hesitate to use it whenever you need a loan.

Let’s check out Loanpro details here 

I will be discussing with you everything you need to know about Loanpro app and after the discussion, you will be able to borrow with the app.

Loan amount : 

The loan amount a borrower can access from Loan start from Gh¢100 minimum up to Gh¢1,000 maximum and you can even get more than the maximum amount when you always pay back loan on time.

Loanpro loan Repayment period (Tenure).

A customer has a minimum days of 100 and 150 as maximum to pay off a loan borrowed. You may attract extra charges when you did pay back on time. Therefore I edge every borrower to do repayments on the exact time choosed.

Loanpro Interest rate.

The Annual percentage rate of loanpro loan start from 10% to 25%.

Summary of Loanpro details :

How to apply for loanpro loan

Loan Amount: GHS 100 ~ GHS 1,000.
Loan Term: 100~150 days.
Service charge: 0%.
Loan interest: from 10% to 25% per annum.
Maximum Annual interest Rate(APR):25%

Loanpro credit loan Example :

If you apply for a loan of GHS 1,000, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 18.25%. So the daily interest rate=18.25%/365=0.05%, the interest for 150 days =GHS 1,000×18.25%/365×150= GHS 75, the total repayment=GHS 1,000+GHS 75= GHS 1,075.

Who Is Eligible For Loanpro Credit Loan?
  • You should be a citizen of Ghana
  • You should have a valid voters ID and a mobile wallet to receive the amount borrowed.
  • You should also be 20 to 60 years to qualify for a loan.
How to contact Loanpro :

In any emergency case or any suggestions, you can reached out to Loanpro on the following :

Call them on 0565945486
Email them through : [email protected]

How To Apply And Get Loan With Loanpro App?

  1. Download and install Loanpro from the Google Play
  2. Use your mobile phone number to register and fill in your personal information.
  3. Fill in and verify your mobile wallet with a verification code.
  4. Submit the loan application and wait for the result of the review.
  5. If you have good credit credentials, the loan will be transferred directly to your mobile wallet

Loanpro is one of the best mobile loan app in Ghana people are getting an instant loan online with. It is easy, simple and secure to get a loan.

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