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Maza loan: Get instant loan In Nigeria with This app. Here’s how to get upto ₦30,000 with the app.

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Maza loan is the best and convenient app to get loan with as a Nigerian.

Maza loan is secured and they do not share any information about you, when there’s no agreement between you.

Maza loan Tenure and product features.

The minimum amount of that you can borrow from Maza loan is N1000 and the maximum loan amount is 30, 000.

The loan term =100   to 150days.

Interest rate =0% but has a service charge of 30% per annum.

The maximum Annual interest rate ( APR) = 30%.

The Example below will give you a clearer understanding of Maza loan terms.

If you apply for a loan of NGN10,000, the term is 120 days and the annual Service fee is 30%.
So the daily Service fee rate=30%/365=0.082%, the Service fee for 120 days =NGN10,000×30%/365×120= NGN986, the should repayment=NGN10,000+NGN986= NGN10,986.

Who is Eligible for Maza loan?

You will qualify and be able to get a loan when you are

1. You should be a Nigerian

2. The least age to make you qualify for the loan should be18years and above.

How to apply for Maza loan.

To Apply For Maza loan is very simple and secure.

Here’s how to go about it

1. Firstly, you have to create an account

2. Then you select the amount you want borrow (the Loan product you want to apply for).

3. Then you enter your primary information and submit.

4. After you submit, you will be approve and your money will be reflect in your account.

 How to contact Maza loans

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy.
Please Contact us:
Tel: 8040590240
Email: [email protected]
Address: 28 Eletu Odibo St, Abule ijesha 101245, Lagos, Nigerian.



MAZALOAN is safe and secured, and they’ve promise not to share your information with anyone. If the customer repays the loan on time, they can easily get a higher loan subsequently.

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