Photo Of Female Footballer Captured Breastfeeding During Half-Time Break Surfaces Online

A photo of a footballer breastfeeding her child during a break at a football match has received massive attention online.

The lady, dressed in a full yellow jersey, could be seen holding her child while standing as she fed her during the halftime break. Instantly Kenyan sports journalist decided to search for who she really is and later found out the player is a 23-year-old single mother identified as Winnie Wangui Kamau.

From what we gathered from, Radull Wangui was taking part in a football match putting Njambini Women vs Karangatha Women. The tournament, held on Monday, March 8, was part of an International Women’s Day celebration organized by Nyandarua women representative Faith Gitau.

According to the radio host, when not playing football, Wangui sells airtime to make ends meet. Her story touched many on social media who were encouraged by her selfless actions of ensuring she takes care of her daughter while also representing her team.

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