Samini Accuse Shatta Wale of running away from their beef

Samini is not ready to let peace reign at the moment as he call out Shatta Wale for ignoring their beef to mind Rappers.
According to the High Grade Family Boss, Shatta made it clear earlier after Yaa Pono requested a beef from him that he wouldn’t mind anyone who is not doing the same genre with him.

He alleges that Shatta has chosen to mind the rappers he degraded now only because he is afraid of continuing their lyrical clash.

“@Shattawalegh you dey run from fire 😂😂😂…why you decide to mind the rappers now ehrr? Thot you said dem no reach you. Come back here make l finish you” He wrote
Samini also added he is working on a new diss song to his rival titled g)b3 (Beans). If he successfully release it, that will make it 4 tracks directed to Shatta Wale from him in less than a week.

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