Sarkodie missing as VGMA release nominees for Best Hiphop song of the year

This year’s edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is fast Approaching and Nominees are coming out ahead of Voting to separate the Boss from the Bosses.

In the Hiphop category, one notable person that everyone will be shocked couldn’t grab a nomination with any of his songs is Sarkodie whom many believes to be the best rapper available in the continent.

The Nominees includes, Ataa Adwoa by Bossom P Yung, Otan Hunu (Dead Peepol), Akobam (Joey B), Money (Kweku Flick), Live from 233 (Kwesi Arthur), Force them to Play Nonsense (Eno Barony) Ekorso (Kofi Jamar), Sore (Yaw Tog) and the street Anthem La Hutsle by Medikal

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