Sika Master Loan: Borrow an amount of Gh¢1000 from this App. How To Apply?

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The temporary provision of money to an individual to improve his/her business, pay bills and other uses is called Loan.

And in some years back, loans were only given to government worker and it will be very difficult for you to get a loan if you are not a government employee or worker.

And even for the government workers who qualify to take loan  from these banks   , the requirements and the number of days it will take  before your loan will get approved, only God knows.

But now , we can comfortably borrow money with our mobile phones anywhere we found ourselves without geographical restrictions.

Today’s article will be discussing about Sika Master Loan, one of  athe best mobile loan app which lend customers money with low interest rate  to finish up  business. This loan app is the best among the rest making borrowing easier, and fast.

What is Sika Master Loan?.

Sika Master Loan is a financial platform that lend its customers loan to pay bills and finish up unfinished business. It’s easy and fast when applying.

What are the requirements for Sika Master loan?.

The following are the things you need to qualify for Sika Master Loan. These are

1. A valid National ID cards ( this could be voters ID, passport, driving license).

2. You should have a TIN number( tax identification number).

3. You should have a minimum working experience of 2- 3 years in government or private company.

4. SSNIT card number

5. Valid phone number and email address.

6. Bank account.

Types of Loans that Sika Master Loan offer.

There are 3 main forms of Loans offered by Sika Master Loan which includes

1. Salary advance loan

2. Personal loan

3. Loyal Repeat Customer loan.

NB: The types of Loans listed above will be discussed into details in the next article.

How To Apply For Sika Master Loan?.

The process you can apply for Sika Master Loan are

1.visit their website

2. Generate  your login credentials if you are a new customer and if you are an old customer you login with your credentials and continue with the application

3. Login with your credentials generated and start with your application.

4. On the Sika Master Loan website, request for your loan and after a successful completion of your online application, you will receive your loan.


The main reason why we borrow money is to pay our bills or to resurrect dead business . Therefore, borrowing is not a bad attitude .

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