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Sikakasa loan: Apply for an instant loan now and take advantage of low interest rates that can help you land your dream. Here’s how to get an amount of Gh¢100~ Gh¢ 5,000 with this app. .

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Apply for your instant loan from Sikakasa. It is safe and secure to get a loan. Apply now!!!!!

Not everyone can save up a large enough amount of money to pay cash for the things they want or need right away.

This is a problem for many people, but some people are lucky enough to have a bit of extra cash saved up or to know someone who can loan them the money.

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If you are in this situation and don’t have anyone to attend to, or have a doubt about getting an instant loan from the bank, and with these reasons in mind, you may be decided not to take a loan.

There is nothing to worry about now since there are convenient, secure, simple and fast mobile loan apps available in Ghana, and you can get an instant loan with them online.

Sikakasa loan:

Sikakasa loan

This is one of the best mobile loan apps that offer instant loans to citizens of Ghana between the ages of 18 to 60 years to help them solve the emergency problems they are facing.

Sikakasa loan Terms.

You can apply for an instant loan amount ranging from Gh¢100 to Gh¢5,000.

Loan Tenure:

Every loan that you take with these mobile loan apps has a repayment period. And you have 91days minimum and 121 days maximum to repay the Sikakasa loan.

Sikakasa loan interest rate:

A borrower has to pay an interest rate of 7.15% to 20.08 per annum of a loan.

The service rate starts from 0% to 1.1%.

check out this example which may give you a clearer understanding of the interest rate and service fees.

If you apply for a loan of GH¢5,00, the term is 100 days, the annual interest rate is 7.3% and the service rate is 0.5%.
So the daily interest rate=7.3%/365=0.02%
The interest for 100 days =5,00×7.3%/365×100= 10
The service rate=500×0.5%=2.5
The repayment=5,00+10+2.5= Gh¢512.5

Sikakasa loan Eligibility requirements.

The following are required to make you qualify for a loan.

  • A borrower should be a legal citizen of Ghana.
  • You qualify for a loan when you are above 18 to 60 years.
  • You should be government or private company worker who received a salary monthly.

A customer can contact Sikakasa loan for more information on the following.

If you have any questions, please contact sikakasa in the following ways:
Email Address:[email protected]
Consumer Hotline: + 233 570000838
Address: Brenya Ln, Tesano-Accra.

The step-by-step to Apply for Sikakasa instant loan.

1. Download the SikaKasa app from Google Play Store.
2. Register an account.
3. Fill in the personal data as required, submit and wait for a review result.
4. The loan amount will be transferred directly to the filled loan account.

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