“Stop Showing Your Ignorance and Poverty Everywhere”—Beverly Afaglo Blast those who says Ghanaian Movies are Rubbish

Ghanaian Actress Beverly Afaglo hits back at critics who always rubbish the efforts of Ghanaian actors and movie makers.

Beverly Afaglo earlier shared a post making rounds on social media that foreign telenovelas which has taken over Ghanaian National Television stations will cease from the month of May on a directive from The Ghana National Film authority.

Some commentators came saying, Ghana’s movie industry is dead because producers only produces rubbish films with insults and are fixated with old actors and actresses.

In a response, Beverly Afaglo shared another post detailing what people ought to known about film making and not always sit on the fence to rubbish the efforts of those working hard to keep the industry alive.

Below is how her post was captured on Instagram


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Written by Dannorsimon

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