The Best Leading Insurance Companies in Ghana 2022.

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Introduction :

Insurance has created as a ways of helping people to protect their assets from loss and uncertainty. It can  aslo be servered as a social device that helps to reduce or take away the risk of death or property loss.

Insurance now plays a significant role to society  over economic growth and ensuring the smooth operation of processes. By strengthening financial resources, the insurance industry develops financial institutions and reduces uncertainty. And the best insurance companies in 2022 that you should run for their services in Ghana are what i will be discussing with you.

What Are The Best Insurance Companies in Ghana?

The available and leading insurance companies in Ghana now are the following :

  1. Enterprise Insurance company 
  2. State Insurance company 
  3. Hollard Insurance 
  4. Activa Insurance 
  5. Priority insurance company
  6. Military insurance
  7. African Life insurance 
  8. Alliance assurance

There are many insurance companies in Ghana to talk about, but these are the leading ones I will be giving you some tips /information about them. Stay tuned and read more and your questions will be answered after reading.

To start with, the first on list is


This insurance company is an expert in managing Physical and Financial losses of a client and also provide security for their future. This insurance company was established or formed in year 1924, and it has been serving the country by providing mouth-watering insurance packages ever since.

Best Insurance Companies in Ghana

Where Are They Locted In Ghana? 

Their branches are positioned at strategic locations across the country, putting them in the spotlight. Customers will experience life-changing results as a result of the company’s efforts.


State Insurance Company (SIC) is a well-known insurance firm in Ghana, and  located all around the country. This company is a key player in the provision of non-life insurance products, which has around 1400 shareholders on its platform.

They primarily covers damages in the marine industry, as well as accidents, oil and gas, and travel. They are well-known for their outstanding customer.


Third on my list of the insurance companies is Hollard insurance.

Hollard Insurance company was founded in 1993  formerly known as Madison Insurance and now  being rename as Metropolitan Insurance Company four years later.

Hollard is now into the provision of other business and personal goods, the insurance company commenced all-around operations in 2022. Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi, and Tema are currently among the company’s offices.

The company provides various services like Indemnity, bonds, fidelity guarantee, engineering insurance, transit goods insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance, travel insurance, executive insurance, personal injury cove etc for clients.


Milife insurance was founded in 2005 and now ranking as 17th among top insurance agency in the country. The company was regarded as Ghana’s eighth best performing insurance provider in August 2017.

They have branches all over the country, and with a capital of around GHS 57 million, they are one of the country’s most well-capitalized insurance companies.

Is their priority to provide consumers  with more inexpensive and accessible savings opportunities, as well as to improve their lives.

The following are the services they provide to their customers :

Keyman life, Mortgage life, Credit life, Group life, miWay, miEducation, miKids, miLegacy, and miTribute are some of the products available.

The company’s headquarters are located in Accra, with branches in Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua, Tamale, and other districts of Ghana.


Priority insurance is ranking 3rd and as the most fastest growing insurance company in 2022 and serve as Ghana’ most reputable insurance businesses.

The company boasts a strong workforce that is well motivated to attend to all of your insurance needs, as well as over 7 years of expertise.

The services they offers are as follows

Motor insurance, transit goods insurance, indemnity, 3rd party liability, advanced loss of profits, business interruption, bonds, fire insurance, theft, marine insurance, and construction insurance are among the company’s products.


Every single soul in the country knows this company when you mentioned it. Because of the goods services they provide for Ghanaians.

This insurance company offers a diverse selection of items designed to improve the lives of its customers, and it has been serving the country for several years.

The insurance company’s international experience has helped them gain the trust of its clientele in Ghana. It is a subsidiary of the Alliance Group of Germany. The Ghana Insurance Commission has licensed them as one of the greatest insurance firms in the country.

The services they an expert in are

Auto insurance, health insurance, investments and savings, homes insurance, and travel insurance are among the services offered. Their headquarters are in Accra.


Best Insurance company

The company is a member of the Pan-African Insurance group, and they are rated as the 7th biggest insurance firm in the country.

Activa is licensed to give the greatest insurance services to their consumers, ensuring that their interests are protected in every way.

They provide goods such as accidental damage, personal accident, group accident, homeowners insurance, travel insurance, third-party liability motor insurance, and so on.


The business specializes in providing life insurance to businesses, organisations, and people in Ghana. The National Insurance Company of Ghana has granted them a license.

Microinsurance, Care Keyman Plan, Care Mortgage, Care Credit, Care Group, Care Education, and Care Funeral are some of the company’s products. They have branches in Kumasi as well as their head office in Accra.

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