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TopCedi personal online loan review : How To Get instant loan from them in few steps.

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How To Apply For TopCedi Loan In A Simple Steps?

In only four simple steps using TopCedi loan app, you can obtain  an instant loan amount of Gh¢5,000 without collateral. Here’s how it works

  1.  Download the TopCedi app
  2.  Complete a short questionnaire
  3. Waiting for loan approval
  4. Transfer to 16-digit debit card or 18-digit warrant

What Are TopCedi Loan Eligibility requirements?

For you to be able to obtain or access a loan from TopCedi either going to their office or borrowing with the app, the following are the details to allow you apply for a loan.

* you should 18 years of age

* monthly source of income

* citizen of Ghana.

But more eligibility details will be taken when you download the app and authorize access to your mobile phone information to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for their credit cards.

TopCedi Loan Interest Rates And Fees.

TopCedi loan repayment durate from 3 months to 24 months ( 90 days to 365 days). There may be penalties for late repayment so pay earlier to build a good credit score to be able to obtain a higher loan amount.

Also, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of TopCedi ranges from 3.5% to 12% per annum.

And a handling fee of 2.5% to 5% (18% GST applies)
You may be charged a daily late fee of up to 0.1% (capped at 18% of the overdue principal.)
There are no other hidden fees that apply to your loan.

Moreover, the minimum and maximum loan amount a loanee can access or obtain is Gh¢200 to Gh¢5,000


Loan Amount : Gh¢200~Gh¢5,000

Interest rates : 3.5% – 12%

Handling fees :2.5% – 5%

Daily fees :0.1% (capped at 18% of the overdue principal.)

Loan Tenure : 90 days (3 months) to 365 days (12 months).

TopCedi Loan Example? 

Credit GH₵5,000 at 12% APR (per annum) for 61 days
– Loan interest = GH₵5,000 x 12 %/ 365 x 60 = GH₵100
– Loan fee = GH₵5,000 x 3% = GH₵125 (also applies to GST of GH₵27)
– Total cost of loan = GH₵225
– Total loan amount disbursed is GH₵4,848 (GH₵5,000 – GH₵152 )
– The total loan amount to be repaid is GH₵ 5,100 (GH₵5,000 + GH₵100 )
– Monthly repayment GH₵ 2,550

How To contact TopCedi loan?

Don’t hesitate to contact TopCedi for help or suggestions. You are welcome and warmly waiting for your comments though the following

Email: [email protected]

🕖 Customer Service: Monday to Sunday 9:30am to 7:00pm

Company Address: Agric Afasebon, Kumasi, Ghana

What is TopCedi? 

I’m defining TopCedi because someone may not know what it its about.

TopCedi is the best digital credit platform in Ghana that provides online loan services, providing users with emergency assistance in the form of personal credit. The process is simple and safe! no office, no paperwork

Why you should choose TopCedi?

Among the numerous mobile loan apps we have in Ghana that allows us get a loan, the following reasons is why I’m urging you to borrow with TopCedi.

* Unsecured: No fees, just deposit cash or direct loan into your account.
* Unsecured – You can easily apply for a loan with just a valid government-issued ID

How to apply for TopCedi loan


We are done for today, I’m pretty sure this article was helpful in your quest for getting an instant personal online loan in Ghana from TopCedi?.

If this article was helpful, sharing this with your friends and family will be well appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead

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