Wohiasika loan: Borrow an amount of Ghs 1,000 to Ghs 5,000 with this app and received it instantly.

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Taking out a loan can be a tough decision for some people.

The benefits of a loan can greatly outweigh the dangers of taking out a loan, however.

Whether you need a loan to cover a major expense or you are just looking for a boost in your savings account, a loan can provide the extra money you need.

In today’s article, we will be discussing about one of the secured , flexible and reliable Fintech Mobile Loan App in Ghana called Wohiasika.

During the covid 19 period,  these Fintech platforms which help people to get money while sitting in their homes comfortably were hyped  where Wohiasika loan was the most trusted and recommended one by its customers  /users.

            Table of Content.

1. What is wohiasika loan?

2. Who is Eligible / can apply for wohiasika loan?

3. Interest rate

4. How to apply for Wohiasika loan?

5. Contact info.


What is Wohiasika loan?.

Wohiasika is a financial platform by Fintech in Ghana which lend money to individuals who are desperately in need of some amount of money to sort themselves out of a situation.

With Wohiasika, it is very easy to get up to Ghs 5, 000.

Wohiasika loan payment tenure is 91 to 365 days.

Who can apply/ Eligible for Wohiasika loan?.

Don’t worry about you not qualifying for the loan. Here are requirements

* Citizen of Ghana

* Your age should be range between 18 – 60 years.

* Good credit score ( monthly income source).

Wohiasika loan interest rate.

The available interest rate for  wohiasika loan are

10.95% which is the lowest and highest is 22.31% per annum.


How to apply for Wohiasika loan?

If you want to apply wohiasika loan , here’s the steps by way to go about it.

1.Firstly, download and install the App from play store

2. Create an account

3. Provide the basic information needed and submit.

4. Apply

5. The money will be send straight to you bank account.

How to [email protected] of Wohiasika loan.

Reach them through the following

Email; [email protected]

Tell: 0201633088

Address number: 154 Fanofa street Kokommlemle

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